Forming a New Student Organization

Recognized student organizations provide opportunities for learning, student engagement, leadership development, and fostering of shared interests. These organizations are student-initiated and student-run. In order to begin the reviewing process, potential new student organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • The mission of the student organization must reflect the mission and values of the University.
  • The services and programs offered by the organization must directly relate to the University and organization missions.
  • The mission, services, and activities of the organization should be different from any other recognized student organization.
  • Proposed organizations that are formed for commercial purposes or primarily for the financial benefit of an external corporation or organization will not be recognized.
  • Sororities and fraternities must be affiliated with a national organization; as part of the formation process they must be sponsored by and become affiliated with one of Elon’s existing governing councils (Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, or Panhellenic Association) and have completed the appropriate expansion process.
  • A full-time faculty or staff member of the University must be in agreement to serve as the organization’s advisor.
  • The organization must have a notable pool of interested members, a workable leadership structure, and democratic officer election processes established.

Student Involvement is here to help in establishing a new organization. Here is the step-by-step new organization development process:

Step 1: Contact Student Involvement to determine feasibility of forming a new organization.

Step 2: Initial proposal includes submitting an application, advisor agreement, and cluster recommendation form to Student Involvement.

Step 3: Proposal submitted to Vice President of Student Life for approval and granted Developmental Status.

Step 4: With the assistance of Student Involvement staff, create bylaws using the Student Life Committee’s (SLC) criteria.

Step 5: The SLC reviews bylaws and grants Provisional Status.

Step 6: After a minimum of six months, with at least one leadership transition and one budget hearing or special allocation meeting with SGA, a provisional review is completed.

Step 7: Organization leader meets with the SLC to discuss form; SLC then grants Full/Active Organization Status.

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