In this short-term Study USA experience, explore our nation’s capital to examine how the District of Columbia is and is not the epicenter of American art on a national level while also serving as an art ecosystem on a local level.  Study not only the national and local organizations and institutions but also how citizens and international visitors engage with American art.  Observe how multiple artforms are celebrated, used, elevated, and co-opted for political messaging in the nation’s capital.


4 sh


GBL 1120


  • Winter

Course Outcomes

  1. Global Engagement Goal #1: Critically evaluate one’s own culture and biases.
    - Student Learning Outcome: Students will examine American national identities and the practicum of cultural policy by visiting a broad spectrum of major arts and cultural institutions in DC and interact with experts and leaders in these organizations.
    -- Assessment: Venue Research Presentation, Venue Discussions
  2. Global Engagement Goal #2: Develop self-awareness and self-confidence through exposure to and reflection on difference.
    - Student Learning Outcome: Students will construct and articulate the impact of their experiences in D.C. through mini lectures, daily discussion, and reflection writing during their stay.
    -- Assessment: Daily Journal Posts, Final Travel Blog
    - Student Learning Outcome: Students will synthesize and present their learning attained in the two semesters by creating a digital storytelling project that informs their future academic and professional pursuits in arts administration and cultural policy.
    -- Assessment: Video of Field Research

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