The Call of South Africa is an interdisciplinary course with an exciting and rigorous itinerary that allows students to think about the role of literature and the arts in a democracy as they study comparatively the anti-apartheid struggles of South Africa and the United States. Students will come to know intimately the contradictions of a land that is a cultural, spiritual, and political symbol of hope and freedom for people everywhere. The Call of South Africa is a service-learning program that provides interaction with community partners guided by the expertise of professors and community-based practitioners, working together with students to address community needs. Students will prepare for their exciting experiences by studying some of the issues the community faces, participate in service activities that are reciprocally beneficial to the communities and the students, and engage in projects devoted to the public good. 


4 sh


Acceptance into the program and completion of ENG 1100 and GBL 1300

Course Types

Expression; Literature; Society; Experiential Learning Requirement; African and African-American Studies Elective; Peace and Conflict Studies Elective


Offered winter.

Previous Course Number

GBL 230


This course is an approved service-learning course. Application, acceptance and additional travel fee required. Counts toward minors in African and African-American Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies.

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