For centuries, the city of London was one of the most important centers of power, commerce and colonialism in the western world. Britain's cultural, commercial, religious and military exploits had global repercussions that have created a city rich in ancient Roman history, traditional British ethos, contemporary ideas and diverse immigrant populations. In this highly interdisciplinary course, students will investigate and research several of many immigrant communities that comprise present-day London in their multiple roles as tourists, ethnographers and visual anthropologists. Our goal is to attempt to understand a part of this exceptionally multicultural milieu by working in neighborhoods that have attracted immigrant populations from all over the world. Students will come to terms with their own responses to these different peoples and places through discussions and field notes. The course will culminate in a student presentation on all facets of their research to the Elon community in February. This course incorporates extensive fieldwork requiring students find and work with community organizations and meet and interview individuals to learn their stories. 


4 sh


Acceptance into program and completion of GBL 1370

Course Types

Society; Expression; Experiential Learning Requirement


Offered winter.

Previous Course Number

GBL 237


Application, acceptance and additional travel fee required.

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