This is a hybrid course that includes an introduction in the second half of the spring semester at Elon, then begins online at the beginning of summer term (June 2) and ends on-location in Alaska. This course combines experiences in Alaska with the study of its people and its natural environment through the work of well-known environmental, historical, and literary writers. Students will explore the ways different native and non-native peoples have perceived Alaska and examine how their own perceptions of Alaska have been constructed. Students will have the opportunity to complete a 2 credit hour internship at one of numerous businesses, non-profits, and governmental agencies located on the Kenai Peninsula. 


4 sh


Acceptance into program.

Course Types

Expression; Literature; Society; Adventure Based Learning Elective


Offered spring plus summer.

Previous Course Number

GBL 255


Students must apply for and secure internships, and will be aided by Study USA Internship Coordinators. Students completing the course and internship will earn up to 6 sh for the summer. When combined with the internship, satisfies two ELR units.

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