Academic Regulations

Course registration

Registration information is available to all students prior to registration. Students are expected to register themselves on designated days. Registration includes academic advising, selection of courses and payment of fees. As part of the preregistration/registration process, graduate faculty are available to offer advice concerning scheduling of courses and assisting with registration. Undergraduates are not permitted to register for graduate courses.

Changes in class schedule

The university reserves the right to cancel or discontinue any course because of small enrollment or for other reasons deemed necessary. In order to assure quality instruction, the university reserves the right to close registration when the maximum enrollment has been reached and to make changes in schedule and/or faculty when necessary.

Dropping courses

A student may officially drop any class with a “W” (withdraw without penalty) halfway through the term, which includes the week of examinations. The withdrawal period applies to programs following the regular semesters and the summer sessions. After that date, no class may be dropped. Any exception to this policy is the responsibility of the appropriate academic dean’s office.

A course dropped without permission of the Registrar is automatically graded “F.”

A student who withdraws from the university for any reason (except for a medical reason) receives grades of “W” if the withdrawal is before the designated half-term time period. After this time a student will receive a “W” or “F” depending on his/her grades at the time of withdrawal.

Graduate grading system and quality points

Graduation is dependent upon the quality as well as the quantity of work completed. Letter grades are used. They are interpreted in the following tables, with the quality points for each hour of credit shown here:

Grade Quality Points
A Distinguished 4.0
A- Excellent 3.7
B+ Above average 3.3
B Average 3.0
B- Below Average 2.7
C Unsatisfactory 2.0
F Failure 0
I Incomplete 0
WD Medical withdrawal 0
W Withdrawal 0
NR No report 0

Pluses and minuses added to the letter grade pertain only to the MBA and MScM program.

Grades of “A” through “F” are permanent grades and may not be changed except in cases of error. After a professor has certified a grade to the Registrar, he or she may change it before the end of the next regular grading period. The change must be made in writing and have the written approval of the program director/committee chairperson.

An “I” grade signifies incomplete work because of illness, emergency, extreme hardship or self-paced courses. It is not given for a student missing the final examination unless excused by the Dean of Academic Affairs upon communication from the student. After the date designated on the appropriate academic calendar, “I” grades automatically change to “F” unless an extension is granted by the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Grade point average (GPA)

The grade point average is computed by dividing the total quality points on work attempted at Elon University by the number of hours attempted, except for courses with grades of “WD,” “W” or “S.”

It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the preceding requirements for graduation.

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