Rights of Parties Involved



Both the Reporting and Responding Party are afforded Rights within this policy. Both are entitled to:

  • Have a written statement of the charges.
  • Have written notice of the date, time and place of investigative interviews and no sooner than 2 business days prior to the interview.
  • Have equal opportunity to access, and present evidence to the investigators.
  • Receive reasonable accommodation(s) as determined by Disability Resources.
  • Be kept informed of the status of a report and anticipated resolution timeline.
  • Have the investigation/interviews postponed for good cause. (Request for postponement must be made no less than two days prior to the scheduled time of the hearing and must be made in writing to the Title IX Investigator.
  • Have an advisor of their choosing. (Please note the advisor’s role as outlined in Intake & Investigation)
  • Hear and respond to the information related to the charge(s).
  • Provide information on their own behalf.
  • Obtain witnesses on their own behalf.
  • Submit questions for the other parties interviewed during the investigation. (Please see Intake & Investigation for more information).
  • Know the final outcome of the investigation, including level of responsibility for policy violation, sanctions (if applicable), and information on the appeals process.

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